5 Mar 11

Saturday’s Memoirs: Adventures in Bad Online Dates — Baby, Baby, Baby!

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By Jess Downey – Not What I Ordered A few years ago I met a guy through speed dating. Our first two dates went pretty well. He was really sweet and we had a lot in common. And we were really attracted to each other. On our third date we decided to meet up for […]

19 Feb 11

Saturday’s Memoirs: Adventures in Bad Online Dates — The Pre-School Teacher/ Stripper

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By DatingALemon A girl on OKCupid messaged me. Well, first she winked at me; she then sent a message saying “you and I can get into a lot of trouble together.” She was 25 and a pre-school teacher. I’ve always had a thing for teachers, so this looked promising, the only problem was that she […]

30 Jan 11

Sunday Bad Date Funnies: Miss Silverback Gorilla

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Real Bad Date Story via The Dating Leprechaun When I began this whole internet dating malarky I started off being very fussy about height, weight, age, sex, (sanity) but then when no-one emailed me I tried talking to anyone and everyone. Eventually Miss SBG responded, she looked reasonably sane and rather than fart around with […]

17 Jan 11

Sasha Speaks: Answering Your Most Private Dating Questions — Is She Being TOO Private?

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Dear Sasha, I met this girl recently online and after a month of seeing her pretty much every weekend and sleeping together, she still won’t introduce me to her friends, she also never talks about them, or her family, for that matter. Do you think that she’s hiding something from me, or just playing her […]

15 Jan 11

Saturday’s Memoirs: Adventures in Bad Online Dates — Online Liars

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By Kelly Seal Like most online dates, I started this one with a mixture of excitement and dread. My success rate with dating websites was terrible, to say the least. I’d been out with alcoholics, egomaniacs, players, and even the occasional “life transition” candidate, which is another way of saying he wasn’t divorced yet, but […]

8 Jan 11

The Newest 1.7v BadDates Dating iPhone App

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Have you ever had a date so criminally awful that you needed a virtual bad date wingman? Well, BadOnlineDates has you covered! You got it. There’s now an app for that! iTunes With the introduction of BadOnlinedates.com’s latest tool, the BadOnlinedates iPhone App, gives online daters a chance to tell their story in real time […]

8 Jan 11

Saturday’s Memoirs: Adventures in Bad Online Dates — The Courage to Continue

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By Disasteronheels.com Last night I broke up with Benefit of the Doubt. It was ugly. We’ve been together for so long, it’s just so hard to let go. I mean we have so many memories together–like that time I found those girls’ numbers in his phone, and the time he forgot his credit card at […]

14 Dec 10

Tuesday’s Topic: 5 Very Unconventional Dating Sites

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By Kari DePhillips Sure, we’ve all been to OKCupid or E-Harmony and maybe had a couple of weirdos pop up from time to time. But for every general dating site on the Internet, there are many more that can get strangely specific. Here are some of the weirder dating sites online: 1. Daily Diapers. Have […]

28 Nov 10

Sunday Bad Date Funnies – Karaoke Date!

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Nothing say’s bad date, more than a man wearing a 70’s style Christmas sweater while singing, “I feel like making love” out of tune… The Holiday Sunday Bad Date Funnies series is still going on, if you have a holiday bad date story that you would like to see featured in a cartoon, post it […]

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Jennifer KeltonI did not wake up one morning and say “hey I think I’d like a man use my sweater like a towel, write a candid dating book, become a dating expert, the CEO and founder of a social dating site and have three blogs.”

All of this has happened in a slow burn and here I am. The good, the bad, the mistakes, way too many tears shed to count, lots of wine and oh my goodness a huge learning curve that leaves me much of the time saying, “I’m sorry but this is all new to me.”

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