4 Jan 11

Tuesday’s Topic: Staying Sans Bedbugs in 2011

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By Kari DePhillips The next time you’re on a hot and heavy date, remember that before you decide to take the party to a stranger’s bedroom, there is one little reason that the kitchen counter might be the better venue for that impulsive fling: bedbugs. In the past months, there has been an increase in […]

28 Dec 10

Tuesday’s Topic: How to Survive New Year’s Eve Single

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By Kari DePhillips New Year’s Eve is fast approaching. It’s a time for people to contemplate the past year’s events, both good and bad (or both – like the time you met a total hottie at the coffee shop, then wound up dumping your mocha down your skirt because you were too busy making sexy […]

14 Dec 10

Tuesday’s Topic: 5 Very Unconventional Dating Sites

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By Kari DePhillips Sure, we’ve all been to OKCupid or E-Harmony and maybe had a couple of weirdos pop up from time to time. But for every general dating site on the Internet, there are many more that can get strangely specific. Here are some of the weirder dating sites online: 1. Daily Diapers. Have […]

7 Dec 10

Tuesday’s Topic: One-Night Stands Genetic?

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Propensity for One-Night Stands, Uncommitted Sex Could Be Genetic, Study Suggests News Source: sciencedaily.com ScienceDaily (Nov. 30, 2010) — So, he or she has cheated on you for the umpteenth time and their only excuse is: “I just can’t help it.” According to researchers at Binghamton University, they may be right. The propensity for infidelity […]

30 Nov 10

Tuesday’s Topic: Sex Toy Drive-Thru

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By Kari DePhillips You Want Fries With That? Recently, one businesswoman in Alabama has taken the initiative in creating the time saving, convenient mechanism that we have all been waiting for. It will revolutionize the world once it catches on and will make feeing better about your commute easier than ever! The idea is relatively […]

23 Nov 10

Tuesday’s Topic: Surviving a Solo Thanksgiving

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By Kari DePhillips There is no reason to be down about being single on Thanksgiving. In fact, being unattached at the holidays gives you all kinds of freedom that families and married friends only dream about. A few tips to help you survive a solo night in style: Prepare your one-liners If you do decide […]

16 Nov 10

Tuesday’s Topic: Dating and Money

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By Kari DePhillips Money can be a touchy subject, especially in a relationship. Of course we all want financial stability – a roof over our heads and food to eat – but when one half of a couple consistently pays for more than the other half, it can put real strain on a relationship. The […]

10 Nov 10

Tuesday’s Topic: Global Dating Rituals

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By Kari DePhillips Across the globe, people young and old engage in the elaborate social ritual known as “dating.” However, what that means can vary from country to country. As a result, it’s important to arm yourself with as much knowledge as possible – especially if you’re into accents. For example: In Britain, men are […]

2 Nov 10

Tuesday’s Topic: The Halloween Make out Hangover

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By Kari DePhillips It’s Halloween night, you’re out with the girls and you spot the world’s most attractive vampire across the room – and no, it’s not Robert Pattinson. This vampire doesn’t glitter at all…and he is hot. Two pumpkin beers later and you’ve discovered that not only is the bloodsucker an equally good facesucker, […]

26 Oct 10

Tuesday’s Topic: Double Dating Dynamics

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Double Dating Dynamics By Kari DePhillips You’ve heard or experienced blind date horror stories. You know, the time when you walked into the restaurant and the girl you were meeting had a thicker mustache than you. Or, the time when the new guy you had plans with decided to invite his mother. There was also […]

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    Book Excerpt – Don’t Use My Sweater Like a Towel By Jennifer Kelton ‘What is love?’ Shakespeare mused.The Great bard was not the first to ask. I suspect our ancestors pondered this question a million years ago as they sat around their campfires of lay and watched the stars. —Helen Fisher,Why We Love IT WAS […]