1 Dec 10

A Man’s POV — A How it Makes Me Feel When… She Just Want’s to Be Friends

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By Mark Miller “Damn You, Foundation of Friendship!” Get this. At least six different times, I’ve had dates with the same type of woman — one who has had a long history of wild, impulsive, passionate, no-holds-barred sex. She invariably finds something lacking in that lifestyle and decides to make a change. Starting with the […]

30 Nov 10

Tuesday’s Topic: Sex Toy Drive-Thru

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By Kari DePhillips You Want Fries With That? Recently, one businesswoman in Alabama has taken the initiative in creating the time saving, convenient mechanism that we have all been waiting for. It will revolutionize the world once it catches on and will make feeing better about your commute easier than ever! The idea is relatively […]

16 Oct 10

Saturday’s Memoirs: Adventures in Bad Dates — Ukuleles

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By Kimberly Wharton So I signed up for an online dating service, since all my friends back home said I had to try it. They assured me it was mostly nice guys who simply haven’t had the time to meet women. I later learned this means some of them may not have actually SEEN a […]

14 Sep 10

Tuesday’s Topic – The Sex Doll River Race

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The Bubble Baba Russian Sex Doll River Race Photos Are NSFW anorak.co.uk THE photos of the Bubble Baba Russian sex doll race are inspiring to anyone who has ever found cause to buy a sex doll. In the 1980s, you could explain the sex doll in your bedroom cupboard as a football extra. In the […]

22 Aug 10

Sunday Funnies: My New Old Boyfriend

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My New Old Boyfriend – Chick Comedy

15 Aug 10

Sunday Funnies: Sick of Dating

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Sick of Dating – Chick Comedy

8 Aug 10

Sunday Funnies: Dating Rule Book

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Dating Rule Book – Chick Comedy

1 Aug 10

Sunday Funnies: Betty White Talks About Her ‘Muffin’ on SNL

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Betty White – Saturday Night Live (2010 NPR Skit)

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Jennifer KeltonI did not wake up one morning and say “hey I think I’d like a man use my sweater like a towel, write a candid dating book, become a dating expert, the CEO and founder of a social dating site and have three blogs.”

All of this has happened in a slow burn and here I am. The good, the bad, the mistakes, way too many tears shed to count, lots of wine and oh my goodness a huge learning curve that leaves me much of the time saying, “I’m sorry but this is all new to me.”

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