23 Mar 11

A Woman’s POV: How it Makes Me Feel When… He Sent Me an Angry Text

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By Jessica Downey – Not What I Ordered I am a big fan of texting. Actually, I consider it a gift to the multi-tasker. If you are running late you can send a quick text. If you are in the middle of watching a show and see a funny commercial you can send a text. […]

19 Mar 11

Saturday’s Memoirs: Adventures in Bad Online Dates — Ex Bashing

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By Kelly Seal I got suckered into another Match.com subscription, falling for the good-looking guys I’d seen in the promotional email. But once I joined I didn’t hear from them. Instead, the balding late-forties divorcees were responding to my ad, with emails like: “I like ur pix. Wanna chat?” I guess it was too much […]

4 Feb 11

Flashback Friday: Respect in a Booty Call (Circa 10-31-07)

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By Erik Cardona Lying beside her in post-coital exhaustion, a guy’s mind begins to run a thousand miles a minute. Wondering how to enact the next phase of his sexual game plan, he mentally scrolls through his relational rule book of do’s and don’ts. Glancing over at his partner he begins working through his checklist. […]

14 Oct 10

Thursday’s Thoughts From a Bartender: Put Away Your Phone

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By Jack Elliot “Hey, I’m at the bar with the guys, do you want to meet up with us for happy hour?” he texts, while sitting at the bar just after ordering his first drink. “Sure, I’ll be there in a little, just give me a few minutes to get ready,” she texts back. One […]

4 Oct 10

Respect, Personal Space & Gayle King

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By Jennifer Kelton My close encounter with Gayle King is an in-flight tale. Four years ago, I wrote a book on dating and mating titled: Don’t Use My Sweater Like a Towel. Despite the blunt title, the book is ultimately a non-fiction story about: life, love, human nature and, most important, respect. The man who […]

6 May 10

Married Guy

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By Jennifer Kelton It’s estimated about 60 percent of men and 40 percent of women will have an affair at some point in their marriage. Womensavers.com (Hello, Ashleymadison.com) While it’s extremely difficult to get the precise numbers, I can say that unfortunately, unknowingly, and very much to my Brazilian waxed vaginal dismay I became part […]

28 Apr 10

Sex, Skype and Technology – Part 2

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By Jennifer Kelton Since I’m on the subject of the good old days… Penis… I have to admit, other than being flashed online via Skype, it’s been about five months since I’ve seen one in the flesh. It was back in December of 2009 and I met him at an English pub that’s close to […]

26 Apr 10

Chivalry and Dating

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By Jessica Downey Even though things have evolved and been updated, unconventional ways of meeting people have been around since before I was born (actually since before I was even though of to be technical). Living proof is with my parents, who met through a dating service nearly 40 years ago. My mom saw an […]

13 Apr 10

Sex, Skype and Technology – Part 1

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By Jennifer Kelton As I write this, the Internet is approximately only 27 years, 2 months, 2 weeks, 2 days, 12 hours, and 31 minutes old. That’s younger than some of the guys I’ve dated. However the human race goes back hundreds of thousands of years. So, I suppose certain aspects of the male mind […]

23 Feb 10

Room #104 and Neighbor Damon – Part 7

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Room #104 and Neighbor Damon – Part 7 His persistence makes me uncomfortable, but no matter how curt or distant I am, he never goes away. In a strange twist of fate, as I was writing his part of the book, I saw him standing in front of the gym I go to. He had […]

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Jennifer KeltonI did not wake up one morning and say “hey I think I’d like a man use my sweater like a towel, write a candid dating book, become a dating expert, the CEO and founder of a social dating site and have three blogs.”

All of this has happened in a slow burn and here I am. The good, the bad, the mistakes, way too many tears shed to count, lots of wine and oh my goodness a huge learning curve that leaves me much of the time saying, “I’m sorry but this is all new to me.”

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