22 Apr 11

Thursday’s Thoughts From a Bartender: Burping Loudly in Public

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By Daniel Ponsky There are very few things that can absolutely change a moment in your life the second they happen. A baby’s cry can stir up the most dormant of emotions in us that might range from a gentle concern of “Oh, poor baby, I hope he’s ok?” to “Jesus, somebody shut that frickin […]

17 Apr 11

Sunday Bad Date Funnies: Golden Girls – Classic Blanche and Rose Dating

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Rose has been dating, Miles Webber, a college professor, but the only thing they seem to have in common is the dance floor. But when Miles invites her to a party, Rose feels like a fish out of water being surrounded by all his intelligent friends. Meanwhile, Blanche battles a dating slump.

30 Mar 11

A Man’s POV: How it Makes Me Feel When… I’m Going Through a Divorce

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By J.R. Reed aka Sexandthesingledad Getting divorced sucks. Especially when you have kids. My parents were married 46 years when my dad died and being married and sticking it out is what I knew. I married someone who was eventually diagnosed as bi-polar. She stopped taking her medicine when our daughter was five and there […]

29 Mar 11

Tuesday’s Topic: Disgusting Dating Habits

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By Kelly Seal Maybe you’re a single man who’s hot, successful, or some form of a great catch. However, you can’t seem to make it past the first date or two, and can’t understand why. Instead of assuming the problem is with your dates, maybe you should consider the possibility that it’s with you. Allow […]

23 Mar 11

A Woman’s POV: How it Makes Me Feel When… He Sent Me an Angry Text

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By Jessica Downey – Not What I Ordered I am a big fan of texting. Actually, I consider it a gift to the multi-tasker. If you are running late you can send a quick text. If you are in the middle of watching a show and see a funny commercial you can send a text. […]

19 Mar 11

Saturday’s Memoirs: Adventures in Bad Online Dates — Ex Bashing

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By Kelly Seal I got suckered into another Match.com subscription, falling for the good-looking guys I’d seen in the promotional email. But once I joined I didn’t hear from them. Instead, the balding late-forties divorcees were responding to my ad, with emails like: “I like ur pix. Wanna chat?” I guess it was too much […]

8 Mar 11

Tuesday’s Topic: Dating a 36 Year Old Virgin

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By JR Reed A 36-year-old female virgin. I knew she existed. It’s just that I had never met one in person. I assumed she would be hideous in some way, but this one wasn’t. Not at all. This one was a cute, personable Latina. She was quick to make friends and her social calendar was […]

7 Mar 11

Sasha Speaks: Answering Your Most Private Dating Questions — Is Social Climbing a Dating Deal Breaker?

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Dear Sasha,

I’ve been seeing this woman for about three months now; she is great in most ways except she’s a huge social climber and will cancel plans at the last moment if she thinks it will advance her social status, both socially and in business. Is this a dating deal breaker? Sincerely,
Is social climbing a […]

4 Mar 11

Friday’s Fashion Dating Do or Don’t? – Patchwork Knits

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By Alison Agosti Have you ever looked at a pot holder with jealousy and wondered, “Why can’t that be me?” Well, not anymore, lady! This is the season for you to start dressing like your grandmother picked out your clothes, with the return of patchwork knits. Remember them? Sure you do. Designers have once again […]

2 Mar 11

A Man’s POV: How it Makes Me Feel When… She Won’t Date Me Because I’m a Single Dad

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By JR Reed I found her profile on an online dating site. It was amazing. She was hot. Really hot. Four-alarm fire hot. And funny. Successful too. She was almost too good to be true. I re-read the profile again; just to make sure I wasn’t crazy. Nope. Just as amazing as the first time […]

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