13 Jun 12

Bad Online Dates Rushes to the Rescue with #BODFortune, a Cyber Feast of Good Fortunes to Make Bad Dates and Bad Days Feel Better

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Jennifer Kelton, the Bad Online Dates.com CEO, author and dating guru, eats her way through thousands of fortune cookies to gather cyber good fortunes that encourage you before a date or soothe your soul after a bad date—or anytime. (June 2012) In keeping with its reputation as an online oasis of healing, […]

4 Jun 12

Naked in the Shower with a Bartender

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BadOnlineDates.com Survey Shows Definition of Cheating and Promiscuousness has Shifted New Bad Online Dates infographic shares shocking statistics indicating Americans have loosened standards when it comes to infidelity and sexual behavior—possibly due in part to increased access to pornography and celebrity promiscuity. Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) May 30, 2012 Bad Online Dates, a humorous and […]

19 Apr 12

Bad Online Dates Launches Spring Fever Dinner Date Sweepstakes

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Eat, drink and get your sexy back! Win a $200 dinner date for two. For the 90 million singles in the US suddenly feeling giddy with the season change and warmer weather, Bad Online Dates launches a Spring Fever Dinner Dates Sweepstakes for a romantic dinner for two for $200 Click here to enter on […]

24 May 11

Sasha Speaks: Answering Your Most Private Dating Questions — Put on Fifteen Pounds?

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Dear Sasha, I have been with my new girlfriend for 3 months now, I really, really like her a lot however since we started dating she has put on about 15 pounds. I don’t want to tell her what to eat or try to change her — but I’m starting to lose my sexual interest […]

9 May 11

Sasha Speaks: Answering Your Most Private Dating Questions — Mom’s a Date Crasher?

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Dear Sasha, My Mom is great but she is very overbearing when it comes to dating and me. To the point of googling the men I date and even if I have told her where I’m going to be she will just so happen to show up. Needless to say, it’s hurt a couple of […]

7 May 11

Friday’s Fashion Dating Do or Don’t? – JeanPants Underwear

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(Photo via Racked) By Danielle Turchiano I am not a guy, and while I usually thank my lucky stars for that, today I can’t help but wish that just for a day I could step into the opposite, not-so-fairer sex’ shoes. Because today I learned there is such a thing as jean underwear (right now […]

29 Apr 11

Friday’s Fashion Dating Do or Don’t? – Men and Bling aka Mr. T style

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By Alison Agosti Sometimes accessories can make or break an outfit. Be it the perfect belt, bag or bracelet, accessories can knock an ensemble out of the park. However, the opposite can easily be true: a loud scarf, an ugly bag or a distracting necklace can detract from a look and send the wrong message. […]

26 Apr 11

Sasha Speaks: Answering Your Most Private Dating Questions — My Sexual Appetite?

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Dear Sasha, I think that I’m a sex addict. I don’t seem to be able to stay loyal in a relationship. Every woman I have ever dated I have cheated on multiple times, and I constantly think about sex. The woman I’m currently dating could be someone that I would like to build a life […]

22 Apr 11

Friday’s Fashion Dating Do or Don’t? – In Honor of Earth Day: Flower Power

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By Alison Agosti Living in southern California, sometimes it’s hard to tell that the seasons have changed but apparently it’s spring. The snow (whatever that is) has begun its retreat, the sun has returned and flowers are in bloom. It’s a time where we shed out warm, bulky layers for a lighter, frillier option. Spring […]

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