26 May 10

Can You Find Love From Watching The Bachelorette?

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By, Kira Sabin – The Dating Makeover Coach As a dating coach, it is inevitable that every few months I get a question asking what I think of the current Bachelor/Bachelorette. Honest moment. I haven’t watched it for years since “Bob the Bachelor” was on there. Why? Because honestly, it is hard to digest. Don’t […]

28 Apr 10

Sex, Skype and Technology – Part 2

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By Jennifer Kelton Since I’m on the subject of the good old days… Penis… I have to admit, other than being flashed online via Skype, it’s been about five months since I’ve seen one in the flesh. It was back in December of 2009 and I met him at an English pub that’s close to […]

22 Mar 10

Bad Date TV: Bad Date Betty – Man Testing!

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Badonlinedates.com presents Bad Date TV . Watch Betty speed date and man test to find her next husband. Episode is filled with dating humor and sex humor.

5 Feb 10

Bad Date TV: Bad Date Ben – SEX Not Apologies!

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Badonlinedates.com presents Bad Date TV Bad Date Ben on a second date looking for a hook-up with “Soccer Mom”.

8 Dec 09

Bad Date TV: Best of Bad Date Ben – Season 2

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Badonlinedates.com presents Bad Date TV and The Best of Bad Date Ben – Season 2. Filled with sex humor and laugh-out-loud dating humor.

13 Nov 09

How To Use Your Cell Phone As a Wingman

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It’s happy hour, but your buddy’s hanging out with his new lady. Need someone to help you seal the deal? Look no further than your cell phone for a replacement wingman. How To Use Your Cell Phone As a Wingman on Howcast

11 Nov 09

SpatSolver—The Ultimate Argument Resolution Device

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YourTango.com is proud to introduce SpatSolver, a revolutionary electronic aid designed to cure all your relationships problems. SpatSolver is the first wearable device that continuously records the last five minutes of your conversation. Just tap, and listen! For the first time ever, couples don’t have to fight over who said what. SpatSolver has you covered! […]

31 Oct 09

Date Song Pick of the Week: Groovie Goolies – Chick A Boom

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Happy Halloween… Groovie Goolies – Chick A Boom

27 Oct 09

Embarrassing Date…

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The most embarrassing thing to do on a date – Two Pints of Lager – BBC comedy

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