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  • YES! He actually did do that and I drove home with it stuck on the front of my sweater - without knowing!

    In Don't Use My Sweater Like a Towel I present not only three decades of dating experience but also the results of a full year of research, my own personal experiences and a collection of science and surveys to help you realize the "rule" you should be listening to is following your heart while trusting your feelings and instincts.

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    I realized as the woman behind that I was always finding ways to slip in "non-dating" content on the Bad Online Dates blog.

    This being said gives me a daily place to post, write and talk about a mis-mosh of all the fantastic, interesting and humorous things that I want to share it with the world!

18 Oct 12

Infographic: The Evolution of Online Dating

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27 Aug 12

Bad Date TV: Bad Date Betty – Husband Callbacks (Outtakes)

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Bad Date TV: Bad Date Betty – Husband Callbacks (Outtakes)

12 Jul 12

20/20 is interested in your Bad Dates! The ABC Newsmagazine wants to know what makes a date go bad?

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20/20 is interested in your Bad Dates! The ABC Newsmagazine wants to know what makes a date go bad? We want to see!

The ABC Newsmagazine 20/20 is working with and we are looking for videos of dates gone wrong, the wilder the better!

So the next time your date heads south, instead of just thinking what you will post here…..think of taking out your iPhone or digital camera and recording it all! Make sure it’s obvious why this is an example of a “Bad Date”…you can narrate if you want….you can ask questions ….you can even shoot yourself too, not just the other person if you like….whatever will make it clear what’s wrong.

It may take some creativity on your part to pull it off; it probably won’t work if you say “this date is so awful I need video to prove to my friends what happened!”. So by all means have fun…make it playful! But however you can do it, the video should show people what you went through.

If necessary for television broadcast identities can be kept confidential, but 20/20 wants to see whatever you can shoot. If you’ve ever recorded something in the past, that’s worth sending too. There’s no guarantee that what you submit will be used, but the producers will contact anyone whose story they like.

Please don’t stage anything though, it has to be real. Send your video clips, bad date stories and contact information to

20 Jun 12

Bad Date TV: Bad Date Betty – Husband Callbacks (Part 2)

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Bad Date TV: Bad Date Betty – Husband Callbacks (Part 2)

13 Jun 12

Bad Online Dates Rushes to the Rescue with #BODFortune, a Cyber Feast of Good Fortunes to Make Bad Dates and Bad Days Feel Better

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Jennifer Kelton, the Bad Online CEO, author and dating guru, eats her way through thousands of fortune cookies to gather cyber good fortunes that encourage you before a date or soothe your soul after a bad date—or anytime.

(June 2012) In keeping with its reputation as an online oasis of healing, laughter and hope, Bad Online Dates, a humorous and informative online source of encouragement for people who have experienced bad dates, launched a new online service to soothe the souls of bad-date experiencers or anyone who needs a boost to have a better day. #BODFortune is a good fortune-cookie-style random fortune generator (think Magic 8 Ball) that uses the Twitter hashtag #BODFortune and direct messages to deliver words of good fortune and encouragement.

Jennifer Kelton, author and CEO/founder of says, metaphorically and tounge-in-cheek, she ate her way through thousands of fortune cookies to gather only the most positive and encouraging fortunes for the Bad Online Dates Twitter followers.

“Yes, I’ve put on about 500 pounds since beginning work on this new site feature, and I hope people will use #BODFortune to make it worthwhile–aka my skinny jeans don’t fit anymore,” she laughs. “Okay, I didn’t really put on 500 pounds. But I did eat quite a few fortune cookies and I did a lot of research online, always thinking of the Bad Online Dates followers and site members who need new ways to turn lemons into lemonade.”

Twitter Fortune Cookies Boost the Brain’s Good-Mood Dopamine:

According to Kelton, the idea for #BODFortune came from a chapter in her popular dating and mating book, Don’t Use my Sweater Like a Towel. The chapter, called “Life, Love or Dopamine,” shares Kelton’s interest in how the human body produces dopamine, a chemical in the brain that makes people feel happy. Studies show using technology and falling in love are both activities that cause the brain to produce dopamine.

“I thought, how can I use technology in a positive way to give daters the dopamine fix they didn’t get during their bad dates,” Kelton explained. “It’s so fun to use #BODFortune, you’ll look forward to it as much as you do a good date. When that good fortune shows up in your direct message box, you’ll feel the dopamine pushing out the blues.”

You’ve Got a Friend for Life, Love and Hope in #BODFortune:

To use #BODFortune, anyone who has a Twitter account and follows can simply tweet #BODFortune then wait for a good fortune to arrive. Kelton says she carefully handpicked fortunes about love, hope and life in general. She says they are relevant pick-me-ups for any terrible feeling you might have or situation you might be facing. You don’t have to have had a bad date to seek a good fortune through #BODFortune. “When it’s late at night and you can’t call on anyone, you can call out our name,” she said. “You’ve got a friend in”

Here are examples of #BODFortune’s good cyber fortunes:

• Love is like wildflowers…it is often found in the most unlikely places.
• The time is right to make new friends.
• Adventure can be real happiness.

Dating experts are already singing praises to #BODFortune’s ability to cheer up depressed daters and other who need a mood boost.

“@Badonlinedates has done it again. Their innovative approach to social engagement already turns heads, creating hordes of cyber copycats, but #BODFortune is out of the park. Well done!” @JeyAssociate.

“It’s like a Fortune Cookie for Twitter! So innovative and an awesome conversation piece. You know I’ll be using it!” @LisaJey

“The tweet that gives back to me? I’m in. Bring it.” @MsCheevious

#BODFortune is an awesome pick-me-up that makes me smile! If you haven’t already, you must check it out on Twitter! I’m psyched for all the DM fortunes in my future!” @sassy_divorcee

“So fun Jennifer Kelton! Fabulous and innovative idea. Greatest thing since frozen waffles! Love this!” @DirtyInPublic

To learn more about Jennifer, the website and #BODFortune, along with many other handy, funny services to make bad days better, visit Jennifer Kelton is available for interviews by calling 310-306-2366 or emailing

About Bad Online Dates Founder/CEO Jennifer Kelton
Jennifer Kelton is an entrepreneur, author, social media innovator and dating advisor, who has been investigating the game of love for 30 years. Kelton is founder and CEO of Bad Online Dates, Green Knights Entertainment, and Bad Date TV, as well as author of Don’t Use My Sweater Like a Towel, a candid dating guide. Jennifer recently signed a production deal with an entertainment company in Los Angeles for a network TV show. Her work and book have been featured on CNN Living, The Washington Post, iPad News Tracker, TIME Travel, Seattle Weekly, ABC KGTV San Diego, KTVU FOX Oakland, Mashable and many other media outlets. Fans can laugh, post bad dates and get dating advice on the Bad Online Dates Facebook Fan page, Twitter, blogs, Bad Date TV and free Bad Dates App.


About Jennifer Kelton

Jennifer KeltonI did not wake up one morning and say “hey I think I’d like a man use my sweater like a towel, write a candid dating book, become a dating expert, the CEO and founder of a social dating site and have three blogs.”

All of this has happened in a slow burn and here I am. The good, the bad, the mistakes, way too many tears shed to count, lots of wine and oh my goodness a huge learning curve that leaves me much of the time saying, “I’m sorry but this is all new to me.”

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