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Two Women, Two Cities, One Question – To Use or Not to Use?

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By Jennifer Kelton and By Jessica Downey

In walks Jennifer Kelton and Jessica Downey two modern day Lois Lane’s who are unabashedly hitting the pavement in their bustling hometowns of Los Angeles and Chicago. Armed with sharpened pencils and crisp white lined note pads, asking a total of 50 unsuspecting strangers of all ages, genders and demographics in random locations — the odd, the unusual and at times taboo questions involving all things dating and mating.

Be on the look out for a new topic and question each month.

This month’s question is:

“So, it’s the first time that you’ve spent the night over at the guy’s or girl’s house that you really like – you don’t have your toothbrush, would you use theirs?

Total – 28 (Plus the guy that didn’t answer which is 29.)
No- 18
Yes – 6
Maybe – 4

Total – 22
No – 15
Yes – 4
Maybe – 3

Los Angeles:

1. Age 27: Guy – Bartender “No, I would just leave. It’s critical to brush my teeth I don’t even let my girlfriend use it, or me hers.” Cute, tall, blonde, blue eyes, pen behind ear. “I like to drink a lot.”

2. Age 62: Guy – Random man at the Mexican bar. Married. “No, I’d go online and find the nearest 7-eleven.” Nice gold chain, nice gold watch, overall nice looking older guy. “I’ll stop at a gas station to brush my teeth if I have to, I brush my teeth a lot!”

3. Age 35: Guy – Random guy at the Mexican bar. “No!” Pretty arm tattoo, jewelry and super white sneakers. “I want a sandwich when I wake up, I’ve earned it come the morning time.”

4. Age 26: Guy – Bartender at Mexican restaurant. “This is the rule, if there was a fluid exchange, then it’s OK, if there was not a fluid exchange, NO WAY!” Nice blue eyes, handsome, hometown Chicago, actor good looks. “Funny, intelligent, self-aware, I know that I’m not the smartest guy in the room.”

5. Age 22: (Turning 23 on Aug. 10th) Girl – Random girl sitting on a stool on Main Street. “YES! Definitely I don’t have any problems with germs.” Indian bead earrings nose piercing. “Create you’re own story.”

6. Age 29: Guy – “NO!” Laughs, and say’s “NO” again… “I’d use hot water and swish it around if I had to.” Salesman at eyeglass store. Well dressed. “Complex, happy, content solemn (That’s my mood at the moment.) Quite…”

7. Age 35: Girl – Saleswoman at jewelry store also a designer “NO! I’d use my finger as a finger brush.” Wearing silver jewelry.” If I was dating I’d be considered a prude.”

8. Age 34: Girl – Saleswoman at jewelry store. “NO! Even my husband’s I would not use!” “I don’t know what to tell you about myself.”

9. Age 35: Guy – Parking attendant. “It would depend on how long I’ve know the girl. Men don’t care about that.” Scruffy in uniform.

10. Age 38: Guy – “Yea…” Clerk at mailbox store. Goatee, and long ponytail. “Um… Sunday’s and Wednesday’s at Saint’s & Sinners. (Where he’s a DJ.)

11. Age 22: Girl – Clerk at mailbox store, in uniform… Thinking…. “If it’s the boyfriend I’m with right now, yes, if it’s just a random guy No.” “It’s hard to do that.”

12. Age 19: Girl – Checker at Whole Foods. – Laughing “NO!” Blue flannel shirt

13. Age 44: Girl – Waitress at a Café. “NO! I’d look for another source” Cross necklace. “Life is good.”

14. Age 41: Guy – Random guy at restaurant “Yes, I would totally ask the woman I’m with.” White tee shirt, long hair. “Life is beautiful.”

15. Age 44: Girl – Random woman at restaurant. “No, but you can use my second one.” Wearing a tee shirt that said. “Woman who behave rarely make history.”

16. Age 77: Girl – Random woman at the bar, aging gracefully. “I don’t think so, it would depend on what it looked like.”. “I’m very happy with my family.”

17. Age 71: Guy – Random man at the bar. “I don’t use a toothbrush, I only use mouthwash. I have great enamel.” Wearing a black eye patch. “I have many lovers, I won’t tell you how many though.”

18. Age 21: Guy – Picking up take-out from an Irish pub. “NO” – smiles.. and laughs “It’s happened.” Laughs again. Blue tee shirt. “I like beer.”

19. Age 23: Guy – Works at the bar, aspiring writer who wants to learn more languages. “I guess it depends on how long we have been hanging out, but yes, definitely, definitely!” Nice rope bracelets. I asked about them “they have sentimental value.” “Madly in love with my girlfriend.… We met while volunteer teaching.”

20. Age 53: Guy – DJ at the bar. “Absolutely YES!” Wearing Rolling Stone Tee shirt.” We are one.”

21. Age 38: Guy – Parking attendant at hotel. “Probably not.” Nice suit and tie.” Outgoing, pleasant, stickler for facts.”

22. Age 38: Guy – Bartender at trendy bar. “Um… No of course not!” In black uniform. “I’m horny, more than most.”

23. Age 36: Girl – Bartender, in sexy black tank and stone turquoise necklace. “If he said OK, yea I probably would, but most likely I would just use my finger.” I don’t have anything to say about myself.”

24. Age 42: Guy – Drinking an Amstel Light at the bar. “NO!” Wearing a blue shirt and jeans. “I’m a happy person.”

25. Age 42: Guy – Drinking a cocktail a the bar. “NO! I do have all my fingers right – I’d finger brush.” Blue shirt and Jeans. “I like this burger.”


1. Age 22: Girl – Bar “No, not on the first night.” Blonde hair, wearing a white tanktop and jean shorts. “I am a college student.”

2. Age 24: Girl – Bar “No, I don’t think I would on the first night. I wouldn’t want anyone to think I am weird for using their toothbrush.” Brown hair, black dress with a v-neck, glasses.

3. Age 35: Guy – Bar “No, I think it’s disgusting. I would probably use to finger and toothpaste but I am not that worried about it.” Short dark hair wearing a red shirt with tan shorts. “I am single, never married.”

4. Age 27: Girl – Park “No way, that is disgusting.” Wearing purple flowered dress, short. “I am engaged and have never used his toothbrush.”

5. Age 45: Guy – Drugstore “No, I don’t even want to think about what is on the toothbrush. I wouldn’t like it if she used mine.” Blonde hair, wearing white shirt with stripes and black dress pants. “I was married once but now I am single. The divorce had nothing to do with a toothbrush.”

6. Age 21: Guy – Bar “No, not on the first night, I would use my finger and toothpaste. Actually I think it would be a dealbreaker if she used mine.” Blonde hair, wearing a red jacket with shirt underneath and shorts. “I am a college student.”

7. Age 24: Girl – Bar “Yes, I would have no problem with it. Think about all the other gross stuff you put in your mouth. Is a toothbrush that bad?” Dark brown hair straight with bangs, black shirt with writing – punk rocker feel.

8. Age 57: Girl – Supermarket “No, not on the first night but once we knew each other better so I knew where his toothbrush had been.” Brown hair, black suit with heels. “I am a lawyer, married and when I was single I always liked it when a guy bought extra toothbrushes for me.”

9. Age 38: Guy – Supermarket “Sure, why not I don’t think it’s a big deal and if she freaked out about it I am not sure I would want to date her.” Wearing blue shirt, jeans. “I work in advertising and I am single.”

10. Age 28: Guy – Bar “No definitely not. If I had bad breath I would just squirt the toothpaste in my mouth.” Blonde hair, wearing a white shirt and jeans.

11. Age 32: Girl – Park (near the lake) “No, not on the first night I would use my finger and toothpaste unless they had an extra one.” Blonde hair, wearing a white tanktop and jean shorts. “I am a lawyer and I just moved in with my boyfriend. I’m pretty sure he’s used my toothbrush.”

12. Age 35: Guy – near the lakefront “No, I would feel really weird about it and I am not sure how I would explain that to them.” Dark hair, wearing a white tanktop and plaid shorts. “I am single, working on my MBA.”

13. Age 46: Girl – Park “Yes, if I really liked them. That’s the kind of person I am and I assume they would already know.” Dark hair with lighter highlights, blue striped sundress. “I just moved here from Michigan, I am an accountant.”

14. Age 29: Guy – Farmer’s Market “Yes, I assume I would really like them since I am staying over there and if we are sleeping together a toothbrush is no big deal.” Bald, blue vintage shirt with Pepsi logo.

15. Age 37: Guy – Farmer’s Market “No, I would share drinks and food with them but a toothbrush no way.” Bald, wearing blue shirt and plaid shorts.

16. Age 30: Girl – Lakefront running path “No way, that is disgusting.” Dark hair with some red highlights, wearing a white tanktop and leggings.

17. Age 53: Guy – Drugstore “Maybe, it depends on how close we were and what stage in the relationship we were. Definitely not on a one night stand.” Salt and pepper hair white shirt black pants. “I do business development and marketing, I am single and have never been married.”

18. Age 20: Girl – Furniture Store “No, I think hygienic products are off limits for sharing.” Short Blonde hair, brown sun dress. “I do PR, I am engaged.”

19. Age 47: Guy – Restaurant (waiting for takeout) “Probably not, but I think it depends on where we were at in the relationship.” Wearing a black suite with white shirt and no tie. “I am married, no kids and I have a really boring office job that involves a lot of paper work.”

20. Age 22: Girl – Restaurant (waiting for takeout) “Sure, I use my boyfriends all the time. I can’t remember if I did it on the first night but I don’t think it’s gross.” Long Blonde hair, wearing a white dress.

21. Age 39: Guy – Park “No, but maybe once we were further along in the relationship.” Shirt with red cut off sleeves, black shorts.

22. Age 39: Guy – Drugstore “No, I would just wait until I went home in the morning.” Blonde hair, white t-shirt pajama pants with palm trees on them. “I don’t normally shop in pajama pants”

23. Age 49: Girl – Drugstore “No, I would wait until I went home the next morning or maybe bring my own.” Blonde hair, grey t-shirt dress

24. Age 44: Girl – Drugstore “No, I would just use mouthwash or squirt it in my mouth.” Blonde hair, Blue sundress.

25. Age 19: Girl – Park “No and I think I would be super freaked out if a guy used my toothbrush. Maybe I should start keeping them handy.” Blonde hair, white shirt with jean shorts. “I am a college student and I’m single.”

(Insert old crackling radio sound here.) This is Two Women, Two Cities and One Question signing off till the next time where we hit the reporters beat. And we also need to go sharpen our pencils. Over and out and thanks for reading.

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