28 May 10

Badonlinedates.com iPhone App – Where it’s OK to Laugh!

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Stuck on a Bad Date? There’s an App for That! The BadOnlineDates iPhone App has got your back because we understand there are some moments that are so special – you need to share them in real time with someone who’s in the online dating trenches with you.

26 May 10

Disaster On Heels: 3 Quick Tips To Landing A Worthy Suitress

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Dear Disaster, What advice do you have for a non serial killer, relatively clean, disease free, attractive and bored guy to meet women worthy of me? Yours, FreeWheelin’ Dear Napoleon, I think you pose a very challenging question. How do you meet someone that is actually worthy of you? This would be so much easier […]

26 May 10

Can You Find Love From Watching The Bachelorette?

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By, Kira Sabin – The Dating Makeover Coach As a dating coach, it is inevitable that every few months I get a question asking what I think of the current Bachelor/Bachelorette. Honest moment. I haven’t watched it for years since “Bob the Bachelor” was on there. Why? Because honestly, it is hard to digest. Don’t […]

17 May 10

The Worst Date Contest – It’s OK To Laugh

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Yes, we know, dating can be frustrating. It can be qualified with many different adjectives actually: frustrating, scary, surprising, lovely, horrible, hilarious, etc. But, one thing we also know about dating is that it is an experience, a real life experience, and as any experience, there is good, bad and very funny ones! Badonlinedates.com changed […]

16 May 10

Date Song Pick of the Week: Led Zeppelin – Whole Lotta Love

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Led Zeppelin – Whole Lotta Love

15 May 10

How To Vent About Your Next Bad Online Date

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By Lauren Indvik at Mashable.com Ever had such a bad date that venting to your friends just wasn’t satisfying enough? Well, you might want to check out BadOnlineDates.com. The world of online dating is exciting, ridiculous, comical and sometimes depressing. No matter how carefully you screen your dates, veterans know that you’re going to eventually […]

12 May 10

There’s an App for That?

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BadOnlineDates.com Launches an iPhone App, Giving Online Daters the Virtual Wingman They Need. (I-Newswire) May 12, 2010 – Los Angeles, CA – May 12th 2010. BadOnlineDates.com introduces the BadOnlinedates iPhone App; your virtual wingman. And yes. There is an App for that! Even been on date that was so tragic, so awkward, and so criminally […]

11 May 10

Technology Does Not Erase the Human Heart

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By Jessica Downey Technology has become a convenient way to do many things. You can quickly text a friend to let them know you are running late if you are on a crowded noisy bus. If you forgot to send an email before you left the house to go out of town you can do […]

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