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  • YES! He actually did do that and I drove home with it stuck on the front of my sweater - without knowing!

    In Don't Use My Sweater Like a Towel I present not only three decades of dating experience but also the results of a full year of research, my own personal experiences and a collection of science and surveys to help you realize the "rule" you should be listening to is following your heart while trusting your feelings and instincts.

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    • • Who among the world's singles hasn't been on a bad date?
    • • Don't be misled by the name - the social community has been created to turn negative dating experiences into positive ones.
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    I realized as the woman behind that I was always finding ways to slip in "non-dating" content on the Bad Online Dates blog.

    This being said gives me a daily place to post, write and talk about a mis-mosh of all the fantastic, interesting and humorous things that I want to share it with the world!

20 Sep 15

BOD Dating App — Alpha Launch 10/15/15

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Mobile dating is about to be changed forever. Are you ready to be a part of the revolution?

Coming soon: will transform the dating space as we know it with the brand new BOD app that redesigns the concept of dating. You know that tingling sensation you feel when you discover an amazing new band before they blow up and make it big? Yeah – it’s kind of like that.

Your time is valuable. You’re trendsetter who’s not afraid to try new things. And most of all, you never give up hope that you will find love – that the person you’re meant to be with is right around the corner, at the other end of the bar, or just a click away on your phone.

Forget FOMO. Be in the know – and be part of tech history. Experience a radical new approach to dating, and take your love life to a whole new level. Limited spaces are available for this exclusive alpha launch. Be the first to discover the incredible new potential of this innovative dating application.

We’re looking for 50-100 people on the West Side of LA, including Santa Monica, Venice Beach, Malibu and Pacific Palisades. Contact Jen today at and sign up to experience the groundbreaking new BOD app that will revolutionize mobile dating forever. *Alpha launch begins10/15/15.

28 May 14

Dress for the Date Announces #DressMonday

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Dress Monday


I don’t know about you but I wake up on Monday and know that I’ll be at my desk putting out fires and then at some point having to put my “man pants on and be the “CEO”.

Many of us work in masculine industries or the gender-neutral tech space, where it’s easy to forget about being a girl. Whether we choose to or not we have to “wear the pants” – but we don’t have to wear pants while doing it?

Ladies, it’s time to reclaim our femininity with #DressMonday.

Wouldn’t you like to start every week feeling pretty and polished?

Dress for the Date is launching #DressMonday so that us girls can feel like girls again.

Every week, if you are like me you’re navigating through a man’s world .You battle illnesses, survive breakups, help friends move and kill bugs in the kitchen and send out way too many emails with the header saying “Following up”.

You handle life’s struggles with a woman’s strength. But all too often, instead of feeling powerful and feminine, you feel… Flat. Exhausted. Worn out.

Dress for the Date is creating #DressMonday as a new antidote for you to feel like a woman again in today’s fast past modern world.

It’s simple. Wear a dress on Monday.

Start the week off in a pretty dress that makes you feel good about yourself – and makes you feel like a woman. Whether your style is flouncy and full or sleek and sophisticated, wearing a dress on Monday is a positive way to begin the week, #DressMonday may feel so good that wearing a dress even spills over into Tuesday and Wednesday.

Let’s do this! Tell your friends about the idea, and post your pics on Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter with the hashtag #DressMonday. Oh yea, and fellas, you can wear a dress too and join in the celebration of femininity.

To be feminine is to be powerful and strong – we all know this. Being a woman is something to take pride in, and to showcase to the world. You can start each week with #DressMonday!


20 Oct 13

BADONLINEDATES.COM CELEBRATES It’s Sixth Year Online and Dress for the Date

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Founder/CEO Jennifer Kelton Looks Back on 6 Years of Success With While Looking Ahead to Her Latest Venture,

LOS ANGELES, CA (October 2, 2013) – The website that pioneered the social sharing of bad dating experiences and advice,, celebrates it’s 6th year anniversary on October 18, 2013.

Jennifer Kelton founded the site in 2006 to provide a transparent, humorous, and informative online source of encouragement and advice for people who have experienced bad dates. At a time when social media was very new and online dating was a stigma, BOD successfully tapped into the dating space and allowed people to connect in a positive and supportive way based on their shared dating experiences. 6 years later, Read More

6 Aug 13

Announcing Dress for the Date’s ‘Dress to Impress’ Giveaway

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Dress to Impress Giveaway

Nationally Recognized Date Styling Service Offers Shopping Spree & Styling Giveaway Worth $1000

LOS ANGELES, CA, (August 6, 2013) — The groundbreaking new dating fashion service, Dress For The Date, wants to completely revamp the wardrobes of Southern California singles – for free! For the first time ever, Dress For The Date is giving away a shopping spree and styling service worth $1000 to one lucky single man or woman.

Fashion strongly influences first impressions, especially in dating. Most dating experts will agree that the single most important factor influencing a first impression on a date is how one looks. Specifically, what one is wearing and how he/she is wearing it. That is the premise behind the new styling service for daters, Dress For The Date.

To celebrate the successful launch of this innovative new service, Dress For The Date is hosting a giveaway for the single men and women of Southern California. The grand prize includes a $500 shopping spree at the Camarillo Outlets with one of Dress For The Date’s expert date stylists. The winner and their stylist will coordinate a day of shopping and styling where he/she will go home with a brand new wardrobe that’s sure to refresh his/her confidence and change his/her dating life for the better. Read More

29 May 13

[Press Release] Nationally Recognized Date Stylist Offers Free Service for One Lucky Candidate

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Dress for The Date - Your Dating Stylist

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) May 29, 2013

The groundbreaking new dating fashion service,, is seeking nominees who have recently lost a substantial amount of weight or are widowed to receive a 100% complimentary styling service. Candidates must be entering or are active in the dating world, and located in or willing to travel to the Los Angeles area. The selected nominee will receive a complimentary styling service worth $300 where a professional dating stylist will consult the nominee on how to dress their best for dating, how to utilize their current wardrobe, and ultimately boost confidence and improve the nominee’s dating life. is the brainchild of Jennifer Kelton, dating author and founder of the popular website In an effort to help daters feel and act confident while avoiding becoming a subject for Bad Online Dates, helps men and women shop for or utilize their current wardrobe and budget to look their very best for that oh-so-important first date or second or third date. launched on April 30, 2013 and has already received notable press recognition from premier outlets including Elvis Duran and the Morning Show on Z100, and just to name a few.
Nominees who have experienced a recent substantial weight loss or are widowed and actively looking to date will be considered. The chosen nominee must be willing to provide a testimonial and approve of the use of their name in the media.

To submit yourself or nominate someone, contact directly or email the DFTD PR team at info(at)visionary5(dot)com with the candidate’s story, picture, and contact information.

About Dress for the Date ( is a groundbreaking new dating fashion service that offers online or in-person advice on creating perfect outfits and/or wardrobes to fit any dater’s lifestyle and budget. Your personal style speaks volumes and first impressions last, especially when you’re on a date.

The outfit worn on a date can easily become a deal maker or breaker for getting a second date. That’s what inspired Jennifer Kelton, dating author and founder of, to create to help men and women utilize their current wardrobe and budget to look their very best for that oh-so-important first, second, or third date. Read More

30 Apr 13 Offers Fashion Advice for Dating Success

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Dress for the Date

“People eat with their eyes first, and first impressions on a date are really important.” Founder and CEO of Jennifer Kelton offers intimate, one-on-one fashion consultation through a new dating and fashion service website,, to help daters make great first impressions.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) April 30, 2013

The right outfit can help daters make a great first impression and get a second date. That’s the premise behind a new online fashion service for daters: (DFTD). The site is the brainchild of Jennifer Kelton, author and founder of the famous pioneering website In an effort to help daters feel and act confident while avoiding becoming a subject for Bad Online Dates, the site helps both men and women project the image they want and walk out the door feeling secure in their individuality.

“I’m like your best girlfriend who goes shopping with you in person and, through tech, into your closet to get what you need to look your best. I don’t mind saying I’ve been told I have great taste,” Kelton laughs.

Kelton created the fashion-service-for-daters website when she realized many daters weren’t heading out the door to dates with their best foot forward. “People eat with their eyes first, and first impressions really are important,” Kelton explains.

A New York University study shows first impressions are formed in the first seven seconds of a meeting, and appearance is a large part of that impression. operates on the idea that daters don’t need to shoulder the massive responsibility themselves, and can defer the artistic aspect of getting gussied up to a practiced professional. Kelton said her inspiration goes back to art school and high-school home economics in the 80’s.

“I think we always feel better when we wear something that looks smashing,” said Kelton. She admits to scheduling her own Dress Mondays, just to feel the power of “putting on the ‘DRESS’ to feel like a woman looking good. Not only does dressing well help you nail that first impression, but it will make you feel confident and well prepared for a night on the town.”

The new service is a fitting companion to Kelton’s popular five-year-old dating site that soothes the wounded sensibilities of people who have had bad dates: Kelton also is known as author of the book, Don’t Use my Sweater like a Towel, a book about dating. Providing dating fashion advice through Dress for the Date is her way of turning to a new page of dating that now includes her fashion passion to help others through fashion and dating dilemmas.

“I reached a milestone in my own life last year and decided it was time for me to focus on what I love best,” Kelton explains, “and that has always been fashion and helping others.” Because of her expertise in dating through, she said she is asked daily for dating fashion advice. services don’t give customers a major makeover as other sites and services do. As “About” page says, “We’re not out to change you. We’re out to express you. If you are a dater, you likely will want to retain your own sense of style and personality, but there are ways to bring it together for a sharper-dressed version of you.”

With prices starting as low as $20, practically anyone can receive good dating fashion advice and have money left over for a date somewhere nice. The online or in-person advice sessions focus on creating outfits and/or wardrobes to fit any dater’s budget. Consultation categories include:

The Hand-Hold: 30-minute live online consultation using Skype, Google Hangouts or FaceTime
The First Kiss: 60-minute live online consultation using Skype, Google Hangouts or FaceTime
The Touch: 2-hour in-person consultation and shopping trip with Kelton
The Hug: 4-hour in-person consultation and shopping trip with Kelton
The All-Nighter: 4-hour in-person consultation and shopping trip with Kelton, plus a one-hour happy hour to discuss dating strategies and additional fashion advice
The Ultimate Date: 5-hour consultation including a shopping trip, happy hour and one-hour follow-up video call

The site also offers a blog with pages of free advice about dressing for dates. Currently, in-person dating fashion advice is only available from Kelton in the Los Angeles, California, area. However, Kelton plans to take the advising service nationwide by hiring stylists from coast to coast over the next few months.

People eat with their eyes first, and first impressions are ultra-important when you go on a date. provides fashion advice for daters, both men and women. From brief online consultations to lengthy in-person shopping trips and consultations, a stylist helps you “discover a better-looking you, so you can step out the door with confidence.” Founded by dating guru Jennifer Kelton, provides dating fashion advice for as little as $20, so anyone can afford to look their best. Review the options at, including a free dating fashion advice blog.

About Jennifer Kelton
Perhaps best known as author of the humorous and touching book, Don’t Use My Sweater Like A Towel, as well as founder and CEO of the popular, pioneering online dating community, Bad Online Dates, Jennifer Kelton has provided dating encouragement and support to the worldwide dating community since 2006. She also is an accomplished fashion entrepreneur, having designed and launched several of the world’s first eco-friendly fashion clothing lines, with international distribution and private-label lines for numerous accounts, including The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and major recording artists Blues Traveler and Phish. Now, through, Jennifer draws on both dating and fashion design talents and passions to show daters why the right outfit can make all the difference when looking for love.


About Jennifer Kelton

Jennifer KeltonI did not wake up one morning and say “hey I think I’d like a man use my sweater like a towel, write a candid dating book, become a dating expert, the CEO and founder of a social dating site and have three blogs.”

All of this has happened in a slow burn and here I am. The good, the bad, the mistakes, way too many tears shed to count, lots of wine and oh my goodness a huge learning curve that leaves me much of the time saying, “I’m sorry but this is all new to me.”

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